intergrated cyber defense

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Symantec intergrated CYBER dEfeNSE

Symantec Cyber Defense represents a cutting-edge, integrated approach to cybersecurity, encompassing a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, threat intelligence, security analytics, identity and access management, and incident response. Through seamless integration and advanced threat detection capabilities, Symantec empowers organizations to safeguard their digital assets and confidential data, proactively mitigating evolving cyber threats and enhancing their overall security posture. This unified strategy offers peace of mind to businesses and ensures robust protection against a dynamic landscape of malicious actors and cyberattacks.

Four Pillars



Endpoints serve as the final line of protection against cyber attacks. Endpoint Security solutions from Symantec prevent, harden, detect, and respond to emerging attacks on laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, servers, and cloud workloads.

Identity Security

Cyber thieves are targeting user identities in order to exploit their access and privileges and cause harm. Symantec protects against these threats by enforcing granular security policies that prevent unauthorized access to key resources and data.

information security

Symantec provides integrated information security solutions to help you protect sensitive data across endpoints, cloud services, private apps, and on-premises.

network security

Email and online access are the lifeblood and primary means of communication for any modern firm. Symantec offers a comprehensive collection of network security solutions, as well as a set of advanced threat protection technologies.

symantec difference

On-premises , cloud or hybrid

We understand that many of our clients continue to rely on, at least in part, on an on-premises infrastructure, and we believe that security solutions should work seamlessly regardless of where your business runs or your data lives.

Symantec is the only major cyber security firm that develops solutions to support all infrastructures, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Global Intelligence Network

Symantec provides the industry’s widest and deepest set of threat intelligence by using artificial intelligence to evaluate over nine petabytes of security threat data. With this level of visibility across endpoint, email, web, and cloud traffic, we can detect and prevent advanced targeted assaults that would otherwise go unreported.

Our Global Intelligence Network combines information from:

  • 175,000,000 endpoints.
  • 80,000,000 web proxies.
  • 126,000,000 assault sensors.
  • 7 R&D operations centers with over 500 security specialists

Third-Party Integration Platform

We understand that Symantec will never be your sole provider. Hence, we’ve made it simple to integrate third-party solutions and exchange intelligence.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – A robust set of open APIs greatly simplifies ICD integrations, enabling greater protection, investigation, and remediation across an organization’s endpoints, networks, email, and cloud services.

Open Ecosystem – certified technology partners collaborate to build the most comprehensive cyber security ecosystem, providing a coordinated and best-in-class approach to threat protection, detection, and response.



Benefits of intergrated cyberr defense


Integrated cyber defense promotes resilience by ensuring that organizations can withstand cyberattacks, adapt to changing threats, and recover quickly from incidents.


By combining various cybersecurity elements into a cohesive strategy, organizations can optimize their cybersecurity investments and reduce redundancy.

Improved Situational Awareness

Integrated cyber defense provides a comprehensive view of an organization's cybersecurity posture, enabling better decision-making and risk management.

Proactive Risk Management

With continuous monitoring and threat detection, integrated cyber defense allows organizations to proactively manage cyber risks and address vulnerabilities before they are exploited.