Check Point Email Security


Check Point Email Security

Check Point Email Security provide a total protection to ensures Cloud Email & Productivity Suite Security

Complete protection for Office 365 and G Suite

  • Block sophisticated phishing attacks
  • Block malware without impacting productivity
  • Protect sensitive business data (DLP)
  • Prevent account takeover

Harmony Email & Office

Complete Protection: The protection you need for your cloud email & productivity suite

Bulletproof Security: API-based solution that catches what everyone else misses

Lowest TCO: A single, efficient and cost-effective solution for email and productivity suites

What Can a Malicious Email Do?

A single malicious email can wreak havoc on organizations. Watch the most recent email schemes from shocking reveals to COVID-19 related phishing attacks.

Complete Protection for Cloud Email & Productivity Suites

Phishing Protection

Phishing emails become more sophisticated by the day and can be the start of lateral attacks across organizations, leading to huge losses.

Harmony Email & Office detects and blocks the most advanced phishing attacks across inbound and internal communications in real time – before they reach users.

Malware Protection

Harmony Email & Office leverages Check Point Harmony Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction technologies to deliver clean files to users within 1.5 seconds, with the industry’s best catch rate, recognized by the NSS Labs as ‘most effective in breach prevention’.

Account Takeover Protection

Harmony Email & Office prevents account takeovers attacks even when credentials are stolen:

  • Access control with pre-defined login conditions
  • Agent and agentless multi-factor authentication

Leveraging threat intelligence from millions of Check Point secured end points and gateways across the globe, Harmony Email & Office identifies malicious user activities and blocks unauthorized user access.

Data Leakage Protection

Protect sensitive business data and maintain regulatory compliance with advanced data leak prevention (DLP), using hundreds of pre-defined and custom data types to set policies tailored to your organization.







Check Point

Check Point is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions that help businesses safeguard their networks, data, and cloud environments from cyber threats. The company was started in Israel in 1993 and has since evolved to become a global leader in cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on developing advanced threat avoidance technology. Check Point's product portfolio comprises a diverse range of cybersecurity solutions. Firewalls, network security appliances, threat prevention software, endpoint security solutions, cloud security, and management tools are examples of these. Check Point's products are well-known for their success in avoiding assaults, as well as their simplicity and adaptability. It focus on threat prevention is one of its key assets. The company's Threat Prevention Intelligence system is intended to detect and prevent known and undiscovered cyber dangers, such as zero-day assaults and advanced persistent threats. This technique assists organizations in staying ahead of growing threats and protecting their networks and data from new and emerging dangers.  
Check Point Endpoint security
Check Point Endpoint security

Check Point Email Security