Trend Micro Email Security


Trend Micro Email Security

Stop more attacks with a cross-generational blend of threat techniques

Key Features

Faster detection

Detects and blocks advanced threats
Layered protection guards against persistent and targeted attacks
from ransomware and other types of zero-day malware with enhanced efficiency using:

  • Pre-execution machine learning that filters unknown malware
  • Dynamic sandbox analysis for file and URL
  • Exploit detection


Stronger protection

Stops phishing and spam

Email Security screens out malicious senders using a variety of approaches:

  • Examines the authenticity and reputation of the email sender
  • Analyzes email content to filter out spam and phishing
  • Protects against malicious URLs at delivery and at time-of-click


Better fraud protection

Protects against business email compromise

Examines the behavior, intention, and authorship of the sender to
help you protect your critical communications

  • Combines enhanced machine learning with expert rules to analyze both
    the header and content of the email
  • Gives you the flexibility to define your organization’s high-profile users
    list for BEC protection
  • Includes Trend Micro Writing Style DNA as an additional layer for
    authorship analysis (Trend Micro Cloud App Security Lances required)


Powerful defense

Cross-generational blend of threat
defense techniques

An optimum blend of cross-generational threat defense
techniques, including machine learning and sandbox analysis,
keeps you protected from all types of email threats. Powered by
XGen security, our smart , optimized, and connected technology
ensures that everything is working together to give you visibility and
control across the evolving threat landscape.




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Trend Micro Email Security