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Forecepoint Email Security Solution

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Popular products

  • Data Loss Prevention: Safeguard all your data with a single enterprise-wide policy
  • Next Generation Firewall: Enterprise SSD-WAN meets the most secure firewall
  • Security Web Gateaway : Modern web security for global enterprises
  • Data-first SASE From Endpoint to Cloud: Unified secure access and data protection in the only SASE solution spanning on-prem, hybrid, and cloud.
  • Insider Threat Solutions: The biggest risk to your data comes from within.Are you prepared to uncover internal threats ahead of loss?

Cloud Security Solutions

  • Global Government Cybersecurity: Data-centric protection supporting the mission for over two decades

Supporting the toughest national security challenges

  • Remote Worker Security: Safeguard the mission and information no matter where your people are located
  • Insider Threat Programs: Deep collection and forensics for unrivaled visibility
  • Cross Domain: Efficiency and security for segmented network environments
  • Zero Trust Security: Dynamically adapt to riska and improve resilience with integrated solutions
  • Cloud App security: Prevent unauthorized data access across the cloud. web and data transfer
  • Critical Infrastructure: Protect vital operations with battle-tested security


A proven leader in defense-grade security

Forcepoint experts consistently pioneer new standards, develop distinct products and adapt to rapidly changing threats and advances.

Our human-centric approach is ideally suited to the complexities of government objectives and culture, helping us earn the trust of national security professionals at every level.

Forcepoint technology is built from the ground up to meet four essential needs:

  • Access anywhere: Securely access mission critical data and business processes in the office, in the field or in the cloud.
  • End-to-end visibility and control: Protect data everywhere it resides and moves across the enterprise, wherever your people work.
  • Advanced analytics: Rapidly transform information from across the network into accurate insights to inform the right actions
  • Adaptive security: Stay ahead of evolving threats and prevent data loss in high-risk instances with behavioral-driven risk identification and real-time enforcement.


Podcast for Government Asset

  • Our weekly podcast: Covers the latest cyber news, threats, and trends impacting the federal government.


With Forcepoint Email Security you can:

  • Identify threats: Use deep content inspection to mitigate advanced malware and ransomware threat.
  • Block data theft: Use context-aware DLP to detect data exfiltration using optical character recognition (OCR) in attached images.
  • Enable powerful encryption: Encrypt sensitive email conversations and enhance mobile security with granular controls.
  • Protect data across all channels: Integrated data protection for protecting data across all channels of exfiltration.
  • Educate users: Automatically educate employees about phishing attempts and help them understand email best practices.
  • Pinpoint high-risk behavior: Visualize risk across multiple events to more rapidly identify potential external or internal threats.


Forcepoint Security

Forcepoint is a cybersecurity company that specializes in providing solutions for protecting organizations against insider threats, data breaches, and cyberattacks. Their approach integrates technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP), network security, cloud security, and behavioral analytics to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate risks. Forcepoint's solutions are designed to offer visibility and control across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, helping organizations to secure their digital assets and maintain compliance with regulations.

Forecepoint Email Security