Kaspersky Small Office Security


Kaspersky features for your business needs.

To protect your business while employees are at work, Kaspersky Small Office Protection combines the simplicity of personal computer security with special functionality. It protects the most important files on your Windows file servers, Mac PCs, and Windows desktop and laptop computers with “set and forget” protection.

Does its job while you do yours

Internet security and complete privacy
Safeguards your company against malicious attempts to access your data or network.

Convenient web portal ksos.kaspersky.com
Check your license status anytime, protect new devices just by emailing a link and lock stolen or missing mobile devices remotely.

Protection against ransomware and human error

System Watcher to watch your back
Detects and stops unwanted activity, and undoes harmful acts to restore your PC to its initial state.

Software updater to fix vulnerable applications
A list of fresh updates for your apps is provided, making it simple to erase unnecessary or old system data.

Data protection for all devices and every situation

Safe file vaults
Creates passwords and changes the format of your sensitive files to make them unreadable in order to stop hackers from accessing your data.

Online data backup
creates online backups of important files in case of accidental loss.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Adaptive protection against advanced threats targeting your business

The Product

Secure diverse environments

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business technologies has won more awards than any other vendor, and whether it’s from the cloud or on-premise, we deliver flexible management and security. Built-in firewalls and behavioral analysis together with endpoint hardening and anomaly control reduce your exposure to cyberattacks without slowing you down.

Our customers value the results that Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business delivers – as confirmed by independent tests, surveys and reports.

Multiplatform Adaptive Security

Adaptive Security identifies abnormal behavior, automatically detecting and remediating evasive ransomware and in particular fileless threats as they try to mimic common behavior like PowerShell script execution.

Four Deployment Models

A hybrid deployment is no problem – our cloud and Linux or Windows on-premises consoles work together effortlessly, making it suitable for mixed environments and Linux ‘shops’. We provide the SaaS console and take care of its upgrades at no extra cost.

Granular Endpoint Controls

Granular Endpoint Controls reduce the opportunities for human error by preventing risky behavior on endpoints. This is achieved with features like Anomaly, Application, Web and Device Controls, and other defensive capabilities.

Critical Server Protection

Agile threat protection has been developed specifically for high-performance applications and file-share servers on Linux or Windows servers. Business-critical email or web- gateway servers receive targeted security as well.

Unified Endpoint Management

Built-in OS, third-party software deployment, and vulnerability and patch management deliver painless, streamlined automation of routine tasks for branches and home offices – a critical yet often overlooked issue.

Ready for GDPR

Certified encryption functions and remote wipes protect corporate data and confidential customer information to help you achieve key compliance goals, including GDPR.

High Performance

A unique cloud mode for endpoint components uses global threat intelligence and delivers powerful defenses with minimal impact. And we can prove it – see our awards.

Straightforward Migration

Straightforward migration from third-party endpoint protection helps ensure a smooth, error-free transition, while a post-deployment quality assurance audit service can confirm that the configuration is correct.