Fortinet Security Fabric brings together the concepts of convergence and consolidation to provide comprehensive cybersecurity protection for all users, devices, and applications across all network edges.​

Modern businesses need a fresh take on cybersecurity.

Broad, included, and automated​

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence

Powered by FortiGuard Labs, the FortiGuard Security suite of AI-enabled security tools continuously evaluates the risks and proactively modifies the Fabric to thwart known and unidentified attacks in real-time.

Zero Trust Access

Users can access applications whether working in the office, at home, or on the go thanks to data centers and clouds. Zero Trust Access, a Fortinet pillar, delivers enterprise-class security across all apps, wherever they may be, for all users, whenever they may be.

Secure Networking

Investment in contemporary networking technology is necessary for digital acceleration (DX).which enhances operational excellence but also increases the attack surface. All new networks’ edges, including LAN, WAN, 5G, and cloud networks, must be secured. By tightly integrating network architecture with cutting-edge security, Fortinet’s Secure Networking safeguards all edges.

Cloud Security

For security to be most effective, cross-cloud visibility is necessary. Fortinet Cloud Security Solutions enable safe apps and connectivity in your data center and across your cloud resources, optimizing the advantages of cloud computing.

Network Operations

Centralized security management is crucial for comprehending the entire network security picture.. By automating network operations and decreasing human mistakes and misconfiguration, the Fabric Management Center – NOC aids overworked network operations.

Open Ecosystems

Our Security Fabric includes flexibility by design.

FortiGate Firewall

The brain of FortiOS Everywhere, FortiGate Firewall, offers deep visibility and security in a range of form factors, including appliances, virtual firewalls, and container firewalls.

Application Control for Fortinet

With SSL inspection and industry-leading threat protection from Fortinet Network Firewalls, you can view Layer 7 applications. With Fortinet Application Control, you can use dynamic application policies, filter-level controls, and more to implement smarter, more effective security controls and decrease your enterprise attack surface.

Features and Benefits

The most widely used network firewall in the world, FortiGate NGFW offers unmatched AI-powered security performance, threat intelligence, full visibility, and secure networking convergence.

Fortigate NGFW


With features that scale to any environment, protect your branch, campus, co-location, data center, and cloud.

Fortigate NGFW


To identify and stop threats, see users, devices, and applications, even when they are encrypted.

Fortigate NGFW


Enhance your environment’s operational efficiency and provide assistance to overworked IT teams.


In order to provide stakeholders with the best, most secure experiences possible, FortiGate ties crucial operations, such as TLS 1.3 decryption, IPSec, and IDS/IPS, to specialized ASICs.


Over 1,400 experts are available through per-device support services, ensuring the effective and efficient operation and upkeep of Fortinet capabilities.


Connect and protect any edge at any scale with fully integrated networking capabilities, such as SD-Branch, SD-WAN & 5G