Sophos Firewall

Powerful Protection and Performance

Sophos Firewall and the new XGS Series appliances provide the ultimate in power protection and performance for your network.

Xstream Protection

The Xstream architecture of Sophos Firewall accelerates critical SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic while defending your network from the most recent assaults.

TLS 1.3 Decryption

Advanced TLS inspection that is rapid and efficient, supports the most recent standards with wide exceptions, and offers point-and-click policy tools to make your process easier, you can eliminate a sizable blind area.

Deep Packet Inspection

Stop the newest ransomware and breaches with high-performance streaming deep packet inspection, including next-generation IPS, web protection, and app management, as well as SophosLabs Intelix-powered deep learning and sandboxing.

Application Acceleration

Accelerate your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic, such as VoIP, video, and other trusted apps, automatically or by your own policies, by putting them on the Xstream FastPath.

Xstream SD-WAN

Sophos Firewall’s latest SD-WAN capabilities allow extraordinary network performance, flexibility, and resiliency.

Xstream FastPath Acceleration

Accelerate SD-WAN IPsec VPN tunnel traffic by utilizing the hardware crypto capabilities of the XGS Series appliances.

Performance-Based Routing

Automatically optimize and reroute traffic in real time based on WAN Link performance (latency, jitter, and loss).

Point-and-Click Orchestration

With a few clicks, you can easily configure the most complicated hub-and-spoke or full mesh SD-WAN overlay networks with full tunnel excess.

Powerful Performance

The XGS Series provides Xstream performance at every price point, authorizing you to power the safety you require for today’s varied, distributed, and encrypted networks.

Powered by Xstream

With integrated Xstream Flow Processors, you can accelerate and offload your crucial SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic. You can also enhance the performance headroom for TLS and deep packet inspection.

High-Speed Connectivity

You may further modify your firewall's already robust connectivity choices with a number of add-on modules for high-speed copper, fiber, PoE, and Wi-Fi.

Purpose-Built Performance

Your firewall is designed expressly to handle the most demanding tasks thanks to its dual CPU architecture, ample memory capacity, and high-performance solid-state storage.

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