HIVOPRO Proactive, Tailored Cyber Defense

Stay Ahead with Customized Security Strategies

Rapid Remediation

Swiftly identify and address vulnerabilities, surpass your competition, and safeguard your business effectively.

Protect Critical Assets

Safeguard your critical assets from cyber attacks with Hive Pro’s advanced security features.

Streamline Operations

Achieve unparalleled efficiency in daily operations with Hive Pro’s advanced optimization solutions.

Hive Pro TEM

Comprehensive All-In-One Platform

Hive Pro’s Threat Exposure Management (TEM) platform is a comprehensive, fully-integrated solution offering extensive asset visibility, actionable threat and vulnerability intelligence, security controls testing, and patch management. It facilitates cross-functional collaboration within the platform, ensuring thorough risk management. The TEM platform also generates strategic, operational, and tactical reports automatically, closing the loop on risk management.

Emphasize Proactive Protection

Stay ahead of threats by prioritizing prevention over reactionary approaches.

Ensure SLA Compliance

Oversee risks, manage workflows, meet SLAs, comply, avoid penalties, costs.

Stay ahead of threats.

HiveForce Labs keeps both platforms updated with threat intelligence seamlessly.

Enable Rapid Action

HivePro Uni5 and Uni5 Xposure facilitate continuous stakeholder involvement and communication.

Key Benefits

Full protection and smooth collaboration.

Unlock the myriad benefits of HivePro, including robust threat protection mechanisms coupled with streamlined collaboration capabilities, ensuring comprehensive security measures and efficient communication channels for your organization’s needs.

Integrated Security Management
Streamlined Vulnerability Analysis and Collaboration

Attack & Defend Briefly

To secure your attack surface, perform automated/manual scans across all infrastructure, simulate real-life attacks to identify control weaknesses, integrate relevant intelligence, and enrich findings with business-critical context.

Centralize findings.

Use AI-powered technology to deduplicate alerts, prioritize risks, answer complex risk questions with Qzen, and assess remediation options with pre-populated patch and IoC intelligence.

Boost collaboration.

Alert asset owners about risk decisions and collaborate with ITOps and asset owners through ITSM and collaboration tool integrations.