Extend visibility. Prioritize action. Communicate risk.

Tenable One is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that focuses on exposure control through analytics.

Features Solutions

Cloud Security

Vulnerability management and unified cloud security posture.

Complex, multi-cloud scenarios are a result of the rapid adoption of the cloud. Tenable provides total multi-cloud visibility and security, offering a unified picture of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and drift in a single pane of glass. MTTR (mean time to respond) can be sped up to 99% by using risk-based assessment, compliance reporting, and auto-remediations to quickly prioritize action.

Operational Technology

Industrial Grade Security is Required for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Industrial businesses are getting ready for the future by fusing OT and IT more than ever. Industrial digital transformation improves productivity, safety, efficiency, and control, but it is not without concerns. Tenable provides total visibility, unified security, and threat management prioritization to help reduce risk.

Active Directory Security

Active Directory security and attack path prevention

Active Directory (AD) attacks, which give attackers access to elevated privileges and make lateral movement easier, are the real story behind practically every breach headline. Tenable gives you the ability to observe every aspect of your intricate AD environment, anticipate what will matter, and manage risks to block attack vectors before intruders can take advantage of them.

Vulnerability Management

Address exposures using a risk-based approach.

Traditional vulnerability management (VM) tools are insufficient for the complex IT environment of today. The decision of which vulnerabilities to address first is made easier by risk-based vulnerability management. Get simple answers so you can avoid slogging through an endless backlog of vulnerabilities.

External Attack Surface Management

Find and Protect Every External Attack Surface

The basis of cybersecurity is visibility, but few businesses have mastered it. External attack surface management (EASM) locates all of your organization's domains and maps the full internet. To remove blind spots, locate and safeguard previously unidentified internet-connected assets.

What is Tenable Nessus?

Tenable Nessus, a proprietary vulnerability scanner. Tenable.io is a paid subscription service. Furthermore, it is an open-source network vulnerability scanner that employs the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures architecture to facilitate the cross-linking of compliant security tools.  Nessus is a program that scans computers for vulnerabilities that hackers MAY exploit.

Nessus can scan for the following vulnerabilities and exposures:

  • Vulnerabilities on a system that could allow unauthorized control or access to sensitive data
  • Misconfiguration (e.g. open mail relay) (e.g. open mail relay)
  • Vulnerabilities for denial of service (Dos)
  • Some system accounts have default passwords, a few common passwords, and blank/absent passwords.

Benefits of Nessus

Install on Any Platform

Nessus can run on a variety of platforms, including Raspberry Pi. It is fully portable, regardless of where you are, where you need to go, or how distributed your environment is.

Efficiency and precision

Dynamically compiled plug-ins improve scan performance and efficiency, allowing for a faster first scan completion and time to value.

Concentrate on the Most Serious Threat

Market-leading coverage ensures that you are aware of all vulnerabilities. Use the power of Nessus to triage and address the most pressing threats.

Pre-Configured Policies and Templates

Over 450 pre-configured templates assist you in quickly determining where you have vulnerabilities. .