Identity Security

Identity security is protecting user and system information required to authenticate and authorize user identities for access to protected resources. It is a vital component of the identity and access management (IAM) industry.

Require a new approach

Modern Identity Fabric demands an integrated and open design to enable the organization to safely fulfill its business goals while controlling business risk and complying with regulations.In today’s world, your digital IAM enables enterprises to gain visibility into the user’s activities, employs smart analytics to determine the risk imposed by the user, and allows, restricts, and manages user activities appropriately while enabling user satisfaction across multiple channels. It also provides businesses with:

  • Authentication in context
  • Management of ongoing sessions
  • Policy management on a micro-level
  • Management of privileged access
  • Identity management and administration

Our Solutions

Symantec Privileged Access Management provides full access governance and management features via a user-friendly, business-oriented interface.

Symantec SiteMinder is a single access management platform that applies correct authentication and authorization while monitoring and managing the whole user experience through single sign-on, identity federation, and granular security policies.


Symantec VIP is a software-based advanced authentication solution that secures and simplifies the protection of mobile and web applications for your employees, customers, and partners.


Symantec IGA provides full access to governance and management capabilities via an intuitive, business-oriented interface.

Symantec Directory is a tried-and-true next-generation directory server that offers standards-based distribution and replication techniques that outperform the competition.