Sophos Firewall- Xstream

This datasheet’s goal is to inform Sophos customers about the ways in which our services can be customized to fit their privacy preferences. This article contains information regarding the Sophos Firewall’s data handling procedures, including the gathering, use, and storage of personal data.

Advanced TLS inspection that is rapid and efficient, supports the most recent standards with wide exceptions, and offers point-and-click policy tools to make your process easier, you can eliminate a sizable blind area.

Xstream Protection

Sophos Firewall’s Xstream architecture protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating your important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud application traffic.

TLS 1.3 Decryption

Remove an enormous blind spot with intelligent TLS inspection that’s fast and effective, supporting the latest standards with extensive exceptions and point-and-click policy tools to make your job easy.

Deep Packet Inspection

Stop the latest ransomware and breaches with high-performance streaming deep packet inspection, including next-gen IPS, web protection, and app control, as well as deep learning and sandboxing powered by SophosLabs Intelix.

Application Acceleration

Accelerate your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic such as VoIP, video, and other trusted applications automatically or via your own policies, putting them on the Xstream FastPath to optimize performance.

SD-WAN Xstream

Extreme network performance, flexibility, and resilience are made possible by the most recent SD-WAN capabilities in Sophos Firewall.

FastPath Xstream Acceleration

Making full use of the hardware crypto capabilities in XGS Series equipment, accelerate SD-WAN IPsec VPN tunnel traffic.

Routing Based on Performance

Real-time, impact-free optimization of traffic routing and rerouting depending on WAN Link performance (latency, jitter, loss).

Point-and-Click Music Making

With just a few clicks, even the most complicated hub-and-spoke or full mesh SD-WAN overlay networks can be quickly and easily configured with full tunnel redundancy.

Effective Performance

For the safety you require for today’s varied, distributed, and encrypted networks, the XGS Series offers Xstream performance at every price point.

Xstream is the engine.

Utilize integrated Xstream Flow Processors to speed and offload important SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic while boosting TLS and deep packet inspection performance headroom.

High-Speed Internet Access

Take use of a wide selection of add-on modules for high-speed copper, fiber, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi to customize your firewall’s already flexible connectivity options.

Performance Built for a Purpose

With a dual processor architecture, extensive memory provisioning, and high-performance solid-state storage, you can rest confident that your firewall is designed specifically to handle the most demanding applications.

Product Summary

The operating system that serves as the foundation for Sophos XG firewall software is called SFOS (Sophos Firewall Operating System). Sophos Firewall interfaces with other Sophos firewall components/ products including:

Labs SXL (cloud lookup) services Central

  • Sophos Intercept X endpoint
  • Sophos Cloud Firewall Manager (CFM)
  • Sophos Firewall Reporting (CFR)
  • Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM)
  • Sophos iView 2
  • Sophos Labs Analysis Platform (Sandstorm)

Information Processed by Sophos Firewall

Sophos processes the following types of information in Sophos Firewall:

  • Usernames
  • IP Addresses
  • Firewall Hostname
  • System Events and Log
  • Customer ID
  • Machine ID
  • Filename/ content
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