Cloud Security Solutions.

Cloud security solutions refer to a set of security measures designed to safeguard cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

More businesses are overcoming their reservations about the cloud and embracing its advantages. In actuality, 69% of businesses are migrating mission-critical software to the cloud. As more and more businesses move to the cloud, discussions about the security infrastructures in place for the cloud have resulted. Each year, the Cloud Security Alliance compiles a list of the top threats to cloud security. According to their 2019 report, data breaches are the biggest threat to cloud security. Enterprises require secure user and system authentication (sometimes dynamic authentication), encrypted data transport, and operational integrity. Additionally, your security solution needs to be adaptable enough to grow with your company.

Divided Authority Is Responsible for Cloud Security.

 One of the biggest issues with cloud security solutions is that you and your service provider are both responsible for security (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc). Additionally, internal staff is solely accountable for managing and safeguarding the cloud in private cloud services. However, customers are in charge of identity and access management as well as data security in all cloud solutions. You can take the same steps to secure the cloud as you would in traditional IT infrastructures to protect access and data.

Changing to the Cloud: Challenges

Customers frequently encounter the following issues when moving to the cloud or improving their cloud security:

Managing user and system strong authentication

Users have access to a range of cloud services, including apps, cloud storage, and other management interfaces. To ensure the most secure access, each of these should make use of strong authentication based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Since the network and physical server are no longer directly under the control of the enterprise, systems now in the cloud have a different security footprint. As a result, it is crucial to manage strong system-to-system authentication, communication encryption, and system operational integrity. PKI is the fastest and safest method for accomplishing this.

Maintaining operational integrity

According to the Cloud Security Alliance, weak passwords, lax authentication standards, and ineffective certificate management procedures are the main causes of breaches in the cloud. There are numerous ways to attack cloud-based systems, so in the event of a breach, you’ll want to know if a system you’ve put in place has been modified. If you are using a content management solution, container signing will let you know when the system that is actually running IS the system you expect it to be, as well as when it is not. Another PKI-based technology is this one.

Offering these solutions in a large-scale manner

We meet the needs of the client. DigiCert ONE is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the cloud and all of the scalability it provides, whether DigiCert manages their PKI in our cloud-based multi-tenant service or deploys our solution in their own enterprise or cloud.

PKI Can Help Secure the Cloud

Our primary goal at DigiCert is to secure digital trust through PKI solutions. These techniques can be used to secure the cloud. By using public key infrastructure (PKI) to secure access to and use of the cloud as well as related services, DigiCert can assist businesses with their cloud migration. DigiCert’s PKI-based cloud migration solutions enable strong security for cloud storage, enterprise systems, containerization, virtualization, orchestration, DevOps, and contract signing. Through digital certificates, we can support operational integrity and a dynamic cloud environment from a strong authentication perspective, all at scale. Additionally, DigiCert offers a platform that enables users to manage their PKI centrally.

The DigiCert ONE PKI management platform was created based on input from top businesses and IoT suppliers. It automates management processes, provides flexible deployment options, and works at scale. DigiCert ONE is made for all kinds of PKI and provides a variety of management solutions. It can be deployed on-premises, locally, or in the cloud to accommodate complex requirements, unique integrations, and airgap requirements. Additionally, using a solid and highly scalable infrastructure, it quickly deploys extremely high volumes of certificates. A contemporary approach to PKI, DigiCert ONE offers end-to-end centralized certificate, device, and integrity management.

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