Data Breach

Ways to prevent data leaks and data breaches in 2022

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is an unintentional electronic or physical disclosure of private information. Internally or through tangible equipment like external hard drives or laptops, data leaks could happen.

A cybercriminal can use the information to prepare for a data breach assault if they discover a data leak.

Data Leakage Examples

Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which includes names, contact information, and financial information, is the pinnacle of exposed sensitive information.

Customer information, business information, trade secrets, and analytics are the four main types of data leaks.

1. Details about the client

Customer data dumps involving personally identifiable information were among the greatest data breaches. Each business has its own set of customer data. Any of the following could be considered sensitive customer information:

  • Customer names
  • Addresses
  • Phone number
  • email addresses
  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Payment’s histories
  • Product browsing habits
  • Card numbers

2. Business details

Untrustworthy companies pursuing their rivals’ marketing strategies frequently have such data leaks on their radar.

Company data leaks could include the following:

  • Internal communications
  • Performance metrics
  • Marketing strategies

3. Trade secrets

This is the most dangerous form of the data leak to a business. The theft of intellectual property destroys the potential of a business, running it to the ground.

Trade secret data leakage includes the following:

  • Upcoming product plans
  • Software coding
  • Proprietary technology information

4. Analytics

Analytics data leaks include the following:

  • Customer behavior data
  • Psychographic data
  • Modeled data

Tips to Protect Your Business from Data Breach

The following data security practices could prevent data leaks and minimize the chances of data breaches.

1. Keep track of all network access

The more business network traffic that is monitored, the more likely it is that suspicious activity will be detected. Cyber-attacks are typically preceded by reconnaissance activities, in which cybercriminals identify the specific defenses that must be bypassed during an attack.

Data leak prevention solutions enable enterprises to identify and strengthen security flaws to avoid spying activities.

2. Identify any sensitive information

Before Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies can be implemented, firms must first identify all sensitive data that must be protected. Therefore, this data must then be accurately categorized in accordance with stringent security regulations. Protective Health Information, as well as other types of sensitive data, could be classified. a company can tailor the most effective data leak prevention defenses once all sensitive data has been identified and classified

3. Protect all endpoints

An endpoint is any remote access point that communicates with a business network, either through end-users or on its own. Internet of Things devices, computers, and mobile devices are all included. Endpoints have increasingly distributed (often even internationally) as most firms have adopted some type of remote working model, making them more difficult to safeguard.

4. Encrypt every piece of information

Data encryption is classified into two types: symmetric-key encryption and public-key encryption. While encrypted data may baffle inexperienced hackers, acerbic cyber attackers can decrypt it without a decryption key.

Protect your business from a data breach

Enterprises are concerned about data security. Therefore, as a result of targeted cyberattacks, digital transformation, and privacy legislation, Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides the highest level of security to reduce data breaches and compliance concerns. With our industry-leading technology, you gain extensive discovery, monitoring, and protection capabilities, providing you with complete visibility and control over your information wherever it travels.

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