Symantec Data Loss Protection

What is Symantec DLP?

Enterprises are concerned about data security. Therefore, as a result of targeted cyberattacks, digital transformation, and privacy legislation, Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides the highest level of security to reduce data breach and compliance concerns. With our industry-leading technology, you gain extensive discovery, monitoring, and protection capabilities, providing you with complete visibility and control over your information wherever it travels.

Why Symantec DLP?

Critical Data Protection

Keeps your confidential data safe from accidental disclosure or malicious breach.

Visibility & Control

Gives you precise visibility into where your sensitive data lives and moves: at the endpoint, in storage, through the web and email, and in the cloud.

Unified Policy Framework

Prevents confusion by using a single unified policy framework to detect and remediate events on-premises and in the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

It makes it easier to comply with worldwide data protection laws and regulatory obligations.

Use Cases

Observe how data is used and moved across all channels.

DLP scans laptops and mobile devices, network file shares, databases, and sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps including Office 365, G-Suite, Box, and Salesforce, among others.

  • Perform local scanning, detection, and real-time monitoring.
  • Monitor and protect your data in motion.
  • Inspect corporate email for confidential data.
  • Notify users with an on-screen, pop-up window or block specific actions.

Prevent data leakage

Data Loss Prevention provides you with comprehensive visibility and control over your information wherever it lives and travels and stops insiders from leaking sensitive data such as customer details and product ideas.

DLP also prevents unintentional exposure by novice cloud users and configuration problems in the cloud.

  • At all times, keep an eye out for unsafe user behavior across all control points.
  • With real-time blocking, quarantining, and alerting, you can prevent and deter end-users from leaking data.
  • Fine-tune policies to strike a balance between security and end-user productivity.

Resolve incidents

DLP allows you to optimize and automate incident response operations by leveraging powerful workflow and remediation features.

  • Perform extensive User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), assigning a Risk Score to people and activities.
  • Using ServiceNow, decentralize incident remediation, decreasing the workload on InfoSec personnel.
  • Specific files can be quarantined or transferred, and policy-based encryption and digital rights can be applied.
  • Encrypt and apply digital rights to files sent to a USB flash drive.

Discover where your sensitive data lives

DLP searches for sensitive information on endpoints, network file shares, databases etc, giving you comprehensive visibility and control over your data wherever it lives.

DLP uses content-aware detection methods, allowing you to remove both false positives and false negatives, reduce the impact of your DLP efforts on end users, and identify hidden information stored almost anywhere and in any file type.

  • Data Exact Matching (EDM)
  • Matching of Indexed Documents (IDM)
  • Content Matching as Described (DCM)
  • Detection of File Types
  • To find OCR data on a form, use Sensitive Image Recognition.

Assure regulatory compliance

DLP assists you in assessing and managing compliance risks by providing effective data discovery, monitoring, and protection for a number of standards such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and SOX.

  • Identify sensitive information categories with the help of configurable predefined policy templates and a large library of data identifiers.
  • Continuously monitor for policy violations and enforce data protection regulations to ensure you have control over where sensitive data can live and transit.

Correctly Classify MIP labels

Extend existing DLP policies to drive MIP classification and encryption with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP).  You may use the DLP Endpoint agent to or enforce MIP labels on documents. As a result, the most critical information is always appropriately classified.

DLP Solutions

Data Loss Prevention Core Solution

Combines our on-premises solutions into a single suite.

Data Loss Prevention Cloud Solution

Combines our CASB and DLP Cloud Services into a single bundle.

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