Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Secure Site Pro is an advanced, all-in-one website security solution. Using Secure Site Pro, admins can configure, monitor and respond to threats. As such, Secure Site Pro is the TLS certificate of choice for brands to protect against the web threats of today and tomorrow. Top brands, including 89% of the Fortune 500 and 97 of the 100 top global banks, trust this products for their website security.

Digicert SSL Product Features

Vulnerability assessment

Keep your business and customers safe by identifying website vulnerabilities that are commonly used in cyberattacks. After scanning your public-facing web pages, web-based applications, server software and network ports, you can view an actionable report organized by threat level, so you can quickly address the most urgent vulnerabilities by priority. You can also customize the scan by choosing which TLS/SSL server issues to look for. Vulnerability assessment reduces your team’s workload to automatically point out ways to strengthen network security, all while helping you remain PCI compliant.

PQC Test Kit

Quantum computing will likely arrive sooner than expected, with some predicting it could arrive as soon as the next five years. 71% of IT professionals believe that quantum computing will be an extremely large threat in the near future. Companies need to prepare now to be ready for these threats to their environment.

The PQC Test Kit allows you to prepare post-quantum security strategies now and test hybrid PQC/RSA certificates to see how it impacts other applications on your network.

DigiCert’s PQC test kit includes:

  • Hybrid RSA/PQC TLS certificates
  • A modified Apache webserver/ISARA catalyst server
  • Custom Firefox browser

Find out more about preparing for PQC at https://www.sslcertificate.ch/digicert-ssl-certificates/


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