Choose the Right SSL certificate for your business

Choose the Right SSL certificate for your business

The SSL certificate allows for the transference of information securely from a web server to a browser. SSL Certificates  have 3 different types:

  •  Domain validated (DV).
  • Organization validated (OV).
  • And extended validation (EV).

SSL certificates can noted by the visual cue of the word “Secure” and a graphic of a lock in the upper left hand corner of the browser bar. Additionally, those web addresses that contain an “s” after the “http” handle include this feature because the site has been secured through the means of SSL certification.

Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

The DV SSL certificate are generally issue once the applicant for the domain has in some way proven that is the owner. domain ownership can be proved in may ways, including but not limited to responding to an e-mail that is sent to the addressed, which he or she has registered is his or her address in the registration for the domain. This type of certificate is distributed by SSL companies, such as Thawte and Geotrust. Another way in which a DV demonstrates ownership is responding to an e-mail sent to any of a number of administrative contacts from the domain.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates (OV)

The organization validated SSL certificate goes one step beyond the DV form of SSL. This is a certificate that demonstrates that the individual who possesses ownership over the domain also possesses ownership over an organization. In the case of this form of SSL, it is necessary for the owner to engage in extra steps for the organization’s identity verification. SSL companies who produce this type of certification include Sectigo, Digicert, and RapidSSL.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV)

EV certificates are similar to Organization Validation in the sense that this type of SSL also requires the owner of the domain to offer proof that he or she owns an organization.

The caveat with this particular type of SSL is that it demonstrates that your organization has been legally registered as a business.

In order for the certificate authorities to offer an organization an EV, it is necessary that these individuals gain access to a few key pieces of information. The first is that the company exists in operation and in a specific location.

After this information has been validated, the certificate authorities then go on to validate that this particular company is in fact located in the location in which they claim to be.

EV certificates are the most trusted and secure ssl on the market


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