SSL Certificates, Which one is right for my business?

 SSL Certificates

There are multiple SSL certificates on the current brands on the market with the most trusted being : Digicert, Thawte, Sectigo and Geotrust.

SSL types

Extended validation.

The Extended validation or EV certificates is probably the more complicated to obtain but also the most trusted as validation requires:

  • Authentication of company registration and activity with the local business registrar organization.
  • Validation of domain ownership.
  • Confirmation of registered address and telephone number.
  • Verification of employment and authority.

This SSL certificate will display the full identity of your company in the browsers to ensure maximum trust from your customers.

EV certificate are mainly recommended on payment website, financial institutions websites as well as government pages.

Organization Validated

The organization validated is the most common used certificates, mainly used on web-server and non-payment pages.

It validation requires:

  • Authentication of company registration
  • Validation of domain ownership.
  • Confirmation of telephone number.
  • And a phone call to the certificate requestor.

Domain Validated

Domain validated certificates or DV certificates are the most basic SSL certificates as they only require basic access to the domain.

Because of their low authentication, DV certs are recommended for internal websites and test sites.

Validation just require access to a predetermine email address provided by the certificate authority.

Certificates Brands

Here are some of the most trusted and used SSL certificate providers:

DigiCert SSL

DigiCert is the current market leader, they split their certificate in 3 different segments:

  • Robust: The secure site pro range is the most robust SSL certificate on the market with up to 512 RSA SHA-2 Algorithm and 384 ECC public key cryptology.
  • Business SSL: this robust SSL that includes malware scanning, business SSL is the preferred SSL for banks and governments.
  • Standard SSL: this is an entry level SSL with 256bits encryption.

Sectigo SSL.

Sectigo (previously know as Comodo SSL) is a global SSL provider is the largest SSL certificate provider on the market.  they are rose in recent year and have maintain a steady market share.

Thawte SSL

Thawte, a subsidiary of DigiCert is one the oldest and most trusted SSL certificate on the market.  They offer a wide rand of certificate for small to mid-size organizations.

Geotrust SSL

Geotrust is also a subsidiary of DigiCert that offer SSL certificate with up to 256 bits encryption and multi -domain DV certificates.

In conclusion

In conclusion, choosing an SSL depends more on your organization type, your budget as well as the site you are securing.

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