The Green Bar In Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

The establishment of Extended Validation guidelines (45 pages of technical and operational processes) for EV SSL Certificates and the DigiCert Multi-domain EV SSL Certificate, which secures many websites with a single EV certificate, are two industry-changing breakthroughs in SSL security.

The different ways in which each browser showed the SSL-encrypted padlock further added to the confusion of people looking for trust indications for online security.

The Issue with Low-Cost SSL Certificates

Although users can obtain encryption using free or low-cost Domain-only Validated (DV) certificates, these certificates provide no verification of the certificate holder’s identity. DV certificates are managed by automated systems that don’t require human interaction for security or identity verification. An SSL Certificate is generated when these certificate requesters respond to an email.

Scammers regularly exploit certificates with no identity assurance and use them for questionable reasons.

SSL Certificates with High Assurance

DigiCert’s high confidence, completely trusted SSL Certificates all incorporate full identity verification. These Organization Validation (OV) certificates necessitate a background check of the organization and its website.

DigiCert set out to establish Extended Validation to ensure that all SSL Certificates available online fulfill the three basic security features that all Internet users deserve:

  • Believe that all SSL providers provide the same level of security.
  • Data integrity assurance in communication
  • Verification of the identity of the owner of an SSL Certificate

Extended Validation assures that the individuals you interact with online are who they say they are, ensuring that secure Internet transactions and interactions are actually safe for consumers. Extended Validation-level verification keeps criminal actors from duping innocent Internet users.

The Advantages of Extended Validation SSL certificate in the Enterprise

Extended Validation SSL Certificates can also help large companies, particularly when used as a basic anti-phishing signal or to ensure that data is safe and cannot be intercepted (man-in-the-middle) by a malicious third party.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates instantly offer a green bar as a visual indicator of online trust. Green is good, and EV is a reliable source.

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