E-mail security gives you confidence in your mailbox.



With cloud email security, you can regain trust in your inbox by protecting your employees and vital information from malware as well as malware-free phishing and impersonation attempts.

Stop Malware.
The danger of phishing lies not in the email itself, but in what it causes individuals to do. Malicious links are frequently included in phishing emails, and malware attackers attempt to fool you into activating them. Sophos Email Time-of-Click URL rewriting analyzes all URLs as they are clicked to ban or warn users of hazards, while the Sophos cloud sandbox analyzes all files accurately using multi-layered analysis and cutting-edge machine learning models. This ensures that the most recent zero-day and unknown malware threats, as well as PUA, are prevented within minutes.

Post-delivery Protection.
Once in the inbox, email protection should continue to monitor messages. Safe URLs can be redirected to malicious ones, and malware can infiltrate previously safe sites. Sophos Email's Search and Destroy API connection automatically detects these changes in threat levels and removes dangerous URLs as well as messages for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Reduce The Area of Attack.

Sophos Email security is part of a larger protection ecosystem that is uniquely linked to automate threat detection and response.

Detect Infected Mailboxes

When your brand and emails are compromised, they are utilized to propagate spam and scams. The e-mail security works in tandem with Endpoint protection to detect and prevent harmful messages.

Increase Security Awareness

Cybersecurity awareness training is an essential component of any security plan. Sophos Email collaborates with a separate service, to detect at-risk individuals and raise security awareness through phishing simulations and cybersecurity training modules.

Keep end users safe with advanced email protection

Sophos products automatically and transparently protect important emails. Policy-driven email encryption examines outgoing messages for sensitive material and encrypts attachments automatically. End users are not required to take any action; this automatic method silently protects them while never interfering with their workflow.

End users can encrypt their own communications with an Outlook plugin, and Sophos Email allows them to manage their encrypted email in their chosen email client.

Plus Sophos Email protects Office 365 from malware, spam, and phishing. Keep prying eyes away from your company’s valuable data wherever they are: online, offline, on desktop or mobile.

Furthermore, administrators can implement policies that automatically prohibit or encrypt outgoing messages with a few clicks. Sophos takes the guesswork out of email security.