DigiCert Basic Wildcard

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DigiCert Wildcard Certificate is a Basic OV Wildcard SSL that allows securing unlimited subdomains pointing to a primary domain. The certificate secures ongoing data between the server and the users with robust encryption, making it impossible to sniff data in transit.


DigiCert Basic Wildcard

DigiCert Basic OV wildcard Certificate is an unlimited subdomain pointing at a primary domain can be secured with wildcard SSL. It is impossible to sniff data in transit because the certificate secures ongoing data transfers between the server and users with strong encryption.

Features and Benefits of DigiCert OV Wildcard Certificate

  • PCI Guidelines – Strong encryption is required for all financial and personal data traveling between a server and a user end when using an SSL certificate, which is a crucial requirement of the payment card industry. The PCI-compliant DigiCert Basic OV wildcard SSL offers a safe environment over the website that fosters visitor and customer confidence.
  • Strong Security – With the use of the public and private keys, all transactions will have strong 256-bit encryption that protects every byte of data while it is in transit. Customers are encouraged to provide information on a website because strong encryption prevents data tampering and information theft. Even a 2048-bit cryptographic key can establish security and restrict others from accessing live data.
  • High Assurance – Visitors to the website are reassured that it is secure by the presence of a secured padlock and the protocol HTTPS before the domain name.
  • Corporate Identity – The business’s physical and legal identity is verified by carefully examining the registration documentation for the DigiCert Basic OV Wildcard SSL certificate. Visitors can examine verified business information once the certificate has been deployed. A reputable brand reputation fosters greater levels of confidence and motivates website visitors to interact positively and safely.


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DigiCert Basic Wildcard

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