Why should you use SSL

SSL Certificates: Why Does Your Business Need Them?

A general understanding of SSL is that it is a layer of protection for your documents online. Personal and sensitive information need that layer of protection. Without that layer of protection, hackers can access information from your web server, your e-mail and your website. The technology involves encryption and secure data links to ensure data is safely conveyed to its online destination. Customers expect that your business will handle their personal information in a secure manner. SSL certificates show customers that their personal information is being handled in a secure way and gives them peace of mind when shopping online.

How do customers know if they are accessing secure websites?

The symbol of the closed lock and the https:// on your browser alerts customers that they can input their personal information securely. Your website can have both secure and unsecured web pages. Government agencies, non-profit organizations and utility companies often have both secure and unsecured web pages. Secure web pages also often ask you for a password and user name for added security due to the fact the hackers sometimes thwart secure websites. Customers and clients should avoid inputting sensitive and personal information on websites without the closed lock symbol and the https:// on the web browser.

Where can my business get a SSL certificate?

The certificate authority or the certification authority issues digital certificates to businesses that can verify that they are the owners of the public key and can reassure other parties using the certificate that information is being routed via a private key. For instance, companies like Mozilla use CA certificates to ensure their customers that their software is authentic.

SSL certificates then are only issued when the certificate authority can accurately verify the company owns the domain and all the company information is correct. Commercial certificate authorities that issue a bulk of certificates might use domain validation to check the validity of the domain or use an extended verification to check validity. Trusted certification authorities are Comodo & DigiCert. (with the brands Thawte SSLpreviously Symantec Secure SiteRapid SSL and Geotrust SSL),  

How much does a SSL certificate cost?
The cost of an SSL certificate depends on how many domains you have; what type of security your business requires, what sub domains your business has and what communication server your business uses. Your business, for instance, may only need an individual SSL certificate for one domain and website. Banks, other financial organizations and government should invest in Extended validation as this is the highest and strongest SSL certificates that ensure customer’s personal and financial information isn’t compromised by hackers and identity thieves.

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